How To Use 59 Chinese Apps that are Banned in India

Recently the Indian Government has decided to ban a few Chinese apps in the Indian territory. This is not a small decision. But there are so many users are felt bad. Some of the users of these apps trying to use these apps at any cost. Because they have no other choice left. A total number of 59 Chinese apps are banned in India for inappropriate policy. And we don’t know how long it will last.

Social media apps like TikTok is a very famous app in India since late 2018. Then time to time TikTok beat so many social media exist. In this way, TikTok gains user base and achieve many titles. Rather than TikTok, UC Browse, Shareit, Helo, Likee, UC News, V mate they also achieve many titles.

If I say something about TikTok, it has over 800 Million monthly active users worldwide. In India, TikTok has been downloaded over 611 Million times. That stats are very important for the TikTok. Because they have got 119 million active users in India. That is pretty much a big market for the TikTok app.

For this big decision, many Indian app developers and tech companies come out and make some social media apps like Moj, Josh, ShareChat, etc. the popular one is Elyments. They are working hard to make some desi Indian Apps. You can try to use it just once.

But in this post, we are talking about how you can use these 59 Chinese apps banned in India. Here I can share with you a secret way.

How to use banned apps in India:

The secret is a VPN. If you don’t know what is VPN. I will explain to you a brief description. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It gives you an opportunity to create a private network into the Public Network. VPN mask your Internet Protocol (IP) address, for that reason your all the online actions are virtually untrackable.

This is the basic info about a VPN. And this thing will help you to access all the 59 Chinese apps that are banned in India. How? First of all, you have to use any good and reputable VPN service. There are many decent VPN service providers are available in Indian. Choose any one for this time.

Then install the VPN in your device. and go to the setting or any other page and find out the country list. Then you have the opportunity to choose any country from the provided country list. Now choose any one country where the TikTok app is available for use.

Then go to the Google Play Store. it will definitely show you what you want to download. If you can’t find them on the home page of the Google Play Store, then go for the search. Install your favorite apps even if it was not available in your country.

In this way, you can easily use any apps which are not available in your country. But at the end of this post, I wanted to share some basic thoughts of mine. If any apps are banned in your country, don’t use them. It may harmful for you and your society.


This post is for just educational purposes only. We, Need-My-Pc, never promote such thing to do. so be careful. If any person wants to use these 59 Chinese apps which are banned in India, do it at your own risk.

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