‘Elyments’ an Indian Social Media App Set on Fire

With love, India made some apps after 59 Chinese apps banned by the Indian Government. But for that unexpected events, some of the Indian developers are trying to make some apps that did not happen before. In this time period, we got some Indian apps. One of them is called ‘Elyments’.

And in this way, we and all the global audience take an advantage to choose which apps they want to use for. Because of many apps out there for every category. It’s an opportunity for Android and iOS users also.

That way, we have another social media app made by an Indian Company. The app called, ‘Elyments – Social Media Simplified’ an social media app for every aged people. Many people tag that app as a Facebook Alternative or a competitor.

In this article, I explain why you use this new app or stay with the world’s most used social media app Facebook.

Before start comparing each other let’s take a quick tour of the basic information of these two apps. Because when I choose to compare these both apps I literally stumped up. I never think to do this before.

Lets jump on the basic information of both these apps.


  1. Facebook is the world’s most popular social media. started back in February 2004.
  2. The user base of Facebook is 2.6 billion active users per month.
  3. Facebook is not alone. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook all are connected to each other.
  4. The world’s highest users of Facebook are in India. Facebook has over 378 million monthly active users in India now. according to, Statista, by the end of 2023, approx. 444 million monthly active Facebook users from India.
  5. People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every 60 seconds.


  1. Elyments is a newly popped up social media app for Indian users.
  2. It has just crossed 1 million downloads on Play Store.
  3. There are no other apps connected to each other. Elyments has no other subsidiary apps or services.
  4. It has just come to the world. That’s the reason I don’t have enough data to tell you the user base and etc.
  5. Indian people are started using this app. May a few months later I can tell you the number of users, the number of pieces of content every minute and all.

The rest of these I have been using these Elyments for 2 days. I feel it is quite stable. But when the first time I use this app, I felt an unusual internet connection failure. Not many times, But it happens. May it kind of server failure. But it’s ok for the first few steps.

Unique Features:

Unfortunately, I didn’t even find anyone unique features in this newcomer Elyments app. But I find a combination of many features taken from the world’s leading social media apps.

Advantages of Elyments:

When I decided to tell you about all the advantages of this app, unfortunately, I find nothing to tell. There is no advantage comes up this this Elyments app. But I must tell you a short story about china.

China is an example, where world’s most popular social media sites are banned. No chinese people can access facebook, whatsapp, youtube, wikipedia ans etc. They have their own social media similar with Facebook and all. If you see in this angle, then I can say an advantage for you. the advantage is this Elyments application made by an Indian company and Indian developers. So, if you are decided to use only made by Indian app, this will only for you. Otherwise, there is no advantage I found.

Disadvantages of Elyments:

Every kind of things comes with some good and some bad. There are list of advantages are comes up with this app.

  1. User experience (UX) of this is not so good, but decent enough.
  2. Some times users wait for long to response.
  3. There is no audience or enough users right not.
  4. I can’t find region basis users.


When a new apps comes in the market it takes time to get priti much users. Also, there is some issues, but I believe they can solve all the problems in the future. For now, you can use this apps for a new experience and find some new friends.

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